9 Best HR Document Management Software for Efficiency

Best HR Document Management Software

Do you struggle with keeping your HR documents organized and accessible? It’s a common problem that many businesses face, from employee contracts to performance reviews. Luckily, there are numerous HR document management software options available to help you stay organized and compliant. In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 11 HR document management software options for 2023.

Zoho Docs

First up, we have Zoho Docs. This popular software focuses on document storage and editing, allowing you to store and preview files online, share files within or outside the organization, and edit text documents and spreadsheets online. With the standard plan costing only $5 per user per month, it’s an affordable option that offers 50GB of storage per user, task management, and role-based access. The premium plan costs $8 per user per month with additional email-in and admin governance features.


Next, we have DocuSign, a platform that specializes in collecting electronic signatures and online agreements. With DocuSign, you can send, sign, and track agreements digitally, standardize agreement processes, identify signers with enhanced methods, and organize documents in storage. However, some users report that customer support isn’t timely, and hidden fees can add up quickly. Standard business plans start at $25 per month for Business Essentials and increase to $135 per month per user for Business Premium. Enterprise pricing must be custom quoted.


PandaDoc is another option that focuses on document workflow automation, making it helpful for scaling teams and moving through proposal, quote, and contract flows. With PandaDoc, you can send and sign documents, use pre-designed templates or create your own digital documents, add comments and edits on documents, and receive analytics on document workflows. They offer a free plan for eSignatures only, but most businesses will need the Essentials tier or above at $19 per user per month, which includes templates, media editor, and analytics. They also offer Business plan pricing at $49 and custom Enterprise quotes.


If you’re looking for a DMS with a heavier emphasis on filing and document storage, eFileCabinet might be worth checking out. This platform offers both cloud and on-premise document and content management software for better file organization. It offers features similar to other document platforms to help businesses save time, such as sending and signing forms, securely sharing files of any size, controlling access and tracking files, and providing accessible browser or desktop app options. However, customer service appears to be the biggest pain point for users, and some claim the tool can be buggy from time to time. Pricing starts at $1200.00 per feature, per year, and there is no free trial available.


DynaFile is known for scan-to-cloud document management and digital filing. The platform focuses more on the actual actions of filing versus document editing or signing. Some of its key HR document management features include scanning paper employee files and converting them into digital documents, accessing and managing employee documents online, controlling access to specific sections of employee files, and batch processing paper files. Pricing starts at $249 per user, per month, and does not currently offer a free version. The biggest downside to utilizing DynaFile is the lack of sophisticated eSignature and document editing features. They partner with other platforms like DocuSign for eSignature, but that means another platform to integrate, whereas an all-in-one HRIS offers all of the document management and other HR features in one spot.


ServiceNow’s Employee Document Management system is an excellent option for automating file purchase and legal hold and setting up easy-to-use permissions for document access. You can also configure retention, security, and legal hold policies to streamline your HR document compliance and boost productivity.

Document Locator

Document Locator’s employee file management software is another great option to consider. It can help you automate processes and ensure compliance with laws and regulations, which boosts productivity. What’s more, it’s not limited to the HR department – you can manage files throughout your entire organization with Document Locator.


If you’re looking to go paperless and store all your important information in one digital vault, DocuPhase is definitely worth checking out. It allows you to host various types of files in one central document management system with seamless connections between all departments and real-time reporting. Plus, it’s an excellent choice if you work in a creative field or deal with different types of files.


SearchExpress document management software is another excellent option. With AI-powered machine learning, it replaces manual data entry and automates employee file management, while search capabilities provide easy access to essential information. This software is ideal if you want to save time and reduce errors in your HR processes.


In conclusion, these HR document management software options can save you time, streamline your processes, and ensure compliance. Make sure to do your own research and weigh multiple options before making a decision. With the right software, you can manage your company’s HR documents with ease.